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16th September 2020:COVID 19

Latest message concerning Covid 19 testing in Oxford

With cases in Oxfordshire on the rise, and an appreciation of the importance of testing, we have established a Local Testing Site (LTS) in Oxford and are actively looking to secure an additional LTS in Oxford.
Local Testing Sites are walk-through sites which people can access on foot or by bike. The Oxford site is in addition to existing regional provision, and is designed to improve local access to testing. The new facility, which is now fully operational, is located at the Oxford Brookes campus site in Headington (the Fuller Building Restaurant). It is open to the local community as well as to Brookes’ students and staff. Advance bookings are strongly recommended.
University of Oxford has established its own testing service for students, staff and their families. This also helps to take the burden off local capacity.
I would like to remind residents of the following:
·         The main symptoms of coronavirus are a high temperature, a new, continuous cough and a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste. Most people with coronavirus have at least one of these symptoms. 
·         If you have at least one of these symptoms, you should book a test by calling 119 or registering online at www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test
·         If you do not have COVID-19 symptoms, please do not book a test – you could be taking a test away from someone who really needs it. This is increasingly important as we head into Autumn and Winter, when more people will get colds and the flu. 
·         Please do not stockpile home test kits – there is plenty of stock and, if you develop symptoms in the future, you will be able to book a test. There is no need to order a test in case of future use. 
·         If someone in your household starts to have symptoms, then that person must get tested and the rest of the household must self-isolate with them whilst they wait for the results. 

  • If you are self-isolating or in quarantine, then a negative test result does not mean you can end isolation early. The virus can take time to develop and so a test early on does not prove that you will not then go on to develop the virus. You could still be at risk of spreading the virus to other people

·         Further information is available at www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/stopthespread

Thank you !!

Dr Louise Upton
Oxford City Councillor, representing North Ward,
Cabinet Member for Safer, Healthier Oxford 
Champion for Cycling and Walking

Stop the virus from spreading. Keep Oxford safe.
Follow the guidance: Clean hands. Wear a face mask. Keep your distance.
Get tested if you have symptoms.

6th September 2020: Annual General Meeting

It was propsed that the 2020 Annual General Meeting would be held virtually by ZOOM on the 26th November at 7 pm. It’s now decided to postpone this.

21 July 2020 : News about action to deal with litter problem on Port Meadow

Julian Cooper, the Port Meadow Ranger, has set up a Facebook group called ‘Wolvercote and Walton Well Wombles’ to help to deal with this: the aim is to offer support and coordinate all the work that the community, individuals and City do to try to keep the Meadow and Common litter free. They will include the Binsey bank as litter is an issue on both sides.

The Facebook group is here. For those of you who don’t use Facebook, Susanna Pressel has offered to act as a coordinator. You can get in touch with her on 01865 554001 or at cllrspressel@oxford.gov.uk.

Please feel free to share this to your wider personal communities: Julian is keen to ensure this is also a way to celebrate the area as well as help with the litter. 

Walton Manor Residents Association (WMRA) Annual General Meeting, 2019

Date: Wed 27th November, 7.00 for 7.15 pm to 8.30

Venue:  d’Overbroek  School Hall, Leckford Place


19.15 Welcome: WMRA chair Simon Mollison
19.20 Chair’s and treasurer’s report: Simon Mollison and Jo Lane
19.30 Updates
1. Electric cars and the Oxford city environmental initiative: (AGM 2017)
2. Community survey: (AGM 2018)
3. The new Walton Manor electoral ward
4. A possible welcome pack to Walton Manor
5. Swifts : Oxford Swift City project
6. Oxclean initiative
7. Walton Manor Social events – comments and ideas
19.40 Friends of Burgess Field: Richard Gordon
19.50 The Oxford library of things: Alexandra Mates
20.00 Current traffic issues: the closure of Walton Street.
20.30 “Drinks and discussion”
21.00 Close

Click below for the minutes:-

Walton Manor Resident Association AGM 2019

LECTURE & AGM 2019 St Margaret’s Association

On Wednesday 29th May, at 7.30 p.m., in the Maplethorpe Hall,      St Hugh’s College, OX2 6LE (entrance from St Margaret’s Road), by kind permission of the Principal, followed by refreshments

William Whyte

Professor Reverend William Whyte, Vice-President of St. John’s College, is the Chair of the Oxford Preservation Trust, and has kindly agreed to build on his very successful Civic Society talk,

Heaven might be something like North Oxford*

Followed by the AGM

If you have something you’d like disseminating let us know. Use the CONTACT PAGE on this site.

30th December 2018

We have been sent a  planning application on the corner of Banbury and Belbroughton road which you may wish to comment upon: A pdf is here with some instructions


4th December 2018

Six local police officers attended a meeting organised by James Fry, Chair of the St Margaret’s Area Society, at St Hugh’s on Monday Dec 3rd.

Advice from the police

Emergencies dial 999

For anything urgent including suspicious activity actually in progress phone 999.

For crimes already committed or for suspicious activity phone 101.
There are often long delays on this number so it is usually better to use the form on the website: http://www.thamesvalley.police.uk We were assured that these reports are read every day. Photos can be very useful.

Registering your valuables
You can register your valuables with http://www.immobilise.com

Distraction burglary
There is a lot of ‘distraction’ burglary by people who get into your house posing as gas meter readers etc. Check that they are genuine by phoning the company. Look out for elderly neighbours who may be easy prey.

Drug issues
Vulnerable children are used by drug dealers; so a child talking to addicts should arouse your suspicions.
To report discarded hypodermic needles phone the City Council on 249811 and they will dispose of them within 24 hours.

“Our officers do take graffiti seriously and are making a map to record where the various tags are painted to assist in the difficult task of catching the culprits. If you see a fresh tag, please report it.”
Louie Fooks, a resident of Kingston Road, has kindly agreed to give advice on where to obtain materials for erasing graffiti: louiefooks@hotmail.com

In the first eleven months of last year, 65 burglaries were reported in North Oxford. The figure for this year is 33, yet the number of convictions has remained the same. Our area is relatively crime-free at present.

Following up Paul Lindsells presentation at our AGM, anyone wanting/willing to be on the Community Consultation can email him at waltonmanor@mindmetre.com. Feedback so far is saying consultations should be no more than 6 times per year, except in extraordinary circumstances!


We are invited to join the St Margaret’s Area Society’s meeting at 7.30pm, 3rd December, with Thames Valley Police Officers, to pose questions and hear about their initiatives in dealing with local issues.
It will be held in The Maplethorpe Room, St Hugh’s College.

The Canal and River Trust is looking for volunteers for a festive litter pick along the canal towpath, on December 1st, 10-2pm. meeting at the Bridge on Aristotle Lane.

A public consultation: Improving Transport along the A40 Corridor is holding meetings in Oxfordshire, for dates visit the website on: http://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/ImprovingA40.
Finally: an olive green hat with tartan lining was left at the AGM on Monday evening. Any takers?

Notice of the Walton Manor Annual General Meeting, D’overbroeks, Leckford Raod
19th November 2018, 7.00 to 8.45. Draft agenda:-

19.15 Welcome
19.20 Chair’s and treasurer’s report
19.30 Updates
1. The website
2. Electric cars

20.05 The Walton Manor Residents’ Survey, March/April 2018 – Paul Lindsell –“Is this a community voice our representatives will listen to?” This can be seen here on the website https://oxfordwaltonmanor.com/news/


traffic management measures available on-line – a particularly good resource are the Local Transport notes https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/local-transport-notes
and traffic advisory leaflets https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/traffic-advisory-leaflets published by the Department for Transport

in particular a considerable amount of research was published in the 1990’s when a variety of traffic calming measures were starting to be used in the UK , and although now rather elderly, the information they contain is still relevant https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/traffic-advisory-leaflets-1989-to-2009 .


I can certainly give you an update on the project:
• All chargers are now live and those which are available for public access are visible on the New Motion charger map: https://newmotion.com/en_GB/charging-solutions/charging-on-the-go
• Anyone wishing to use the chargers can register for a free fob from New Motion via their website.
• Fees apply to using the chargers and users must take note of the parking restrictions at public charging sites which limit use to a maximum of 3 hours during CPZ control hours. Parking restrictions vary between CPZs so users should be sure to ensure they check these via the signage on site or on the Oxfordshire County Council website.
• Four new electric cars from co-wheels are also available for use at sites around the city – including one on Leckford Road – anyone who would like to use the cars can sign up to co-wheels via their website.
• If co-wheels users would like to contribute their feedback on the charging to the project, please get in touch via goultralow@oxford.gov.uk
• We are collecting data from the chargers and feedback from trial participants which will support our decision making on future charger installations and feed into a final project report.
• The trial is due to run until Summer 2019, after which phase two of the project to install up to 100 further chargers in residential streets will begin, with installations likely to take place from 2020 to 2021.
• Anyone who would like to nominate their street for a charger during phase two can do so by contacting the team via goultralow@oxford.gov.uk.

28th August 2018

Tim Halliday is having an exhibition of his paintings in St Hughs (Finished and raised money for Lymphoma research)Timsexhibition

20 August

We hope to invite a speaker from the county council to discuss traffic control

20 August 2018

  1. Our Annual General Meeting will be held in November. We are just confirming dates and speakers
  2. Charlotte has been making enquiries about the docking bicycles that seem to be reproducing on our streets. She has received this Oxford_Code_of_Conduct_For_Dockless_Bike_Sharing_Operators[54579]

Georgina Matthews is seeking volunteers for the Refill Oxford initiative to reduce the use of single use plastic water bottles. Take a moment to look!


20th June 2018

Norham Manor Party

You are all very welcome at our Summer Party on 1st July! Please bring along family members and/or others (a few!) from your area that you think may be interested in meeting us. Please take some finger food to share.

5 – 7 pm July 1st Cherwell Centre Norham Gardens

Please RSVP to dorothymyers@gn.apc.org

19th June 2018

Dont forget the local (not for profit) Community Market in North Parade on the 2nd and 4th of each month. Use it or loose it!

17th June 2018

After a witnessed accident of another person falling off their bike in Kingston Road, on Saturday 26th May, Cllr Howson replied

“Officers visited Kingston Road this morning and agreed that work needs to be down to adjust the build outs to try to prevent accidents to cyclists. They will undertake the work on all of the 3 cycle-bypasses from your house up to St Margaret’s Road and on both sides of the road. We will have to see whether that solves the problem. i am hopeful that a timetable for the work can be put in place as soon as possible and will let you know when I hear any more.

I am discussing other more radical measures that might also deal with the speeding problems in the road.

30 May 2018

We have been invited to the St MARGARET’S AREA SOCIETY LECTURE 2018
On Tuesday 12th June, at 7.00 p.m., in the Maplethorpe Room, St Hugh’s College, OX2 6LE (entrance from St Margaret’s Road)

Will Wyatt
Former Managing Director of BBC Television and Chief Executive of BBC Broadcast, Will Wyatt grew up on Kingston Road and attended Phil and Jim (then in Leckford Road) and Magdalen College School.
Oxford Boy*
Life in Kingston Road, Phil and Jim and Magdalen College School in the forties and fifties

Oxford Canal Festival September 2018

“The main festival event will take place on Saturday 8 September between 12pm and 6pm on the Aristotle Lane Recreation Ground near Port Meadow, with a fabulous programme of activities for all the family.
We want to celebrate our Canal and make this a biennial event. We want to tell you about the Canal – its attractions and its colourful history. All proceeds will go towards the purchase and restoration of a community narrowboat for everyone to enjoy.”


Our WMRA constitution:- click here

A map to outline Walton Manor