Resources and documents – a repository

1 Membership

The members of the Walton Manor Residents Association are all those
who reside or are tenants of business premises within the following area:
All the land lying west of the Woodstock Road between the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter
and Farndon Road as far as the canal. The west side of the Woodstock Road, both sides
of Farndon Road and the east side of Walton Street [as far as the ROQ] are included but
not the area to the west of Walton Street.

2 Objectives

The objectives of the Association are to promote the general amenities of
the area and the wellbeing of its members. These include oversight of planning, safety,
environment and traffic.

3 Meetings

The Association shall meet at least once each year. The quorum shall be ten
members. Non-members may attend with the permission of the Chair.

4 Annual General Meeting

The members at the Annual General Meeting shall elect the
Committee and the Chair. The Committee shall have not more than ten members.

5 Committee Committee members shall serve for three years and may be re-elected
once, after which they must resign and not stand for re-election for one year, except in the
case of Officers. The committee shall meet at least twice a year. The quorum is four. Any
vacancy may be filled by co-option by a majority of committee members present at a
The committee has the power to make decisions using electronic media
outside committee meetings. Any vote held by electronic or other means must
be logged and recorded by the Secretary and formally approved at the next
meeting (general or committee).

6 Officers

A Secretary, Treasurer and Planning Officer shall be elected by the committee
from among committee members. Officers may serve only two consecutive periods of
three years in the same office. They may at any time be elected to another office. Their
time as Officer does not count towards their period of service as a committee member. A
vacancy in any office may be filled by co-option if approved by a majority of the committee
members present at a meeting. The Chair may invite any person to attend a committee

7 Representation

The Chair is authorised to represent the Association for all purposes
and to delegate that authority to any committee member for specific purposes.

8 Accounts and Auditor

The Treasurer shall keep the accounts of the Association and
present them annually for audit. The committee shall authorise as many committee
members as it thinks fit to sign cheques and otherwise operate a bank account.

9 Changes to the Constitution

This constitution may be amended by a vote of twothirds of members attending an Annual General Meeting or extraordinary meeting called
for that purpose on not less than fourteen days notice.

10 Dissolution

The committee, or if a committee no longer exists a majority of the
remaining members of the Association, can propose that the Association
should be dissolved. They must give at least 14 days’ notice to all eligible